Suite Romantica by José Antonio Guerrero Ortiz

Suite Romantica is a work that musically describes a traveler’s journey through Spain and its many cultural and historical sites. This picturesque and musical adventure was inspired by sights such as the “Fuente De La Cibeles” water fountain in Madrid, the fields of the countryside, historic Roman streets, and the Flamenco roots ingrained in Andalucía. Each of the movements are musical impressions of traveling throughout the old rural areas and modern urban landscapes of Spain.

Length: 32 pages (25 with music)


  1. Fantasia-Preludio (La Cibeles de Fuego y Sensualidad) 
  2. Zapateado (Caminos Por Las Calles y Campos) 
  3. Pastoral (Un Corazón Arietta de Julio, Joaquina y La Niña En El Vestido Azul)
  4. Pequeña Danza (La Delicada y Alegrias de La Flamenquita) 
  5. Rapsodia Romántica (Dos Corazones Entre La Luna y Sus Gotas de Aqua)
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Listen to movement two and five:

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Ortiz-Suite Romantica (Print on Demand)

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Ortiz-Suite Romantica (pdf)

Ortiz-Suite Romantica (pdf)

Suite Romantica by José Antonio Guerrero OrtizSuite Romantica is a work that musically describe..


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