Déjà Vu by Plamen Petrov (Print on Demand)

Déjà Vu - six solo jazz pieces - represent compositions in the interesting area where the classical guitar meets the jazz guitar. Plamen Petrov's six pieces in this collection can be played both by the modern classical guitarist in traditional concerts as well as by the jazz guitarist who seeks new material as a basis for improvisations. The collection includes the following compositions: Déjà Vu, First of September, Because of You, Midnight Bossa, Let's Do It, Just Another Week.

32 pages - six pieces - intermediate to advanced level

Also available as Self-Print (pdf)

You can also find Plamen Petrov on Youtube:

Youtube playlist for "Déjà Vu"

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Plamen Petrov, Déjà Vu (Print on Demand)

Listen to the pieces: Déjá Vu
Monday Evening
Just Another Week
Midnight Bossa

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Tags: contemporary, level 5-7