Young Guitar Composer 2016

Young Guitar Composer 2016

Competition for young composers who writes for the guitar.

Bergmann Edition wants to thank all the young composers for their contribution and also thank you to the judges; Gaetano Troccoli, José Antonio Guerrero Ortiz, Rocco Carella, Richard Vaughan, Mathieu Constantin, and Dominik Dieterle - all experienced musicians and composers for the guitar. They have had a very hard job to find a winner of the over 14 years old group (>14). I the final there was only one point difference between the first, the second and the third place!

1. Price goes to Dimitar Karazapryanov for "IRЯEGULAR AVIDITY".
(First price: The program "EARMASTER" donated by INDIGO2, a video set: "Effortless Classical Guitar" by W. Kanengiser, and a collection of printed scores and the access to be published by Bergmann Edition).

2. Price goes to Ilin Papazyan for "Bulgarian".
(Second price: A CD with rare recordings of the virtuous guitarist Barrios Mangoré, and a collection of printed scores and the access to be published by Bergmann Edition).

3. Price goes to Eliot Nordqvist for "Echoes of Emotions."
(Two sets of strings, A collection of printed scores and the access to be published by Bergmann Edition).

For the group under 14 (<) it was easier for the judges as only one composer in this category have joined the competition: Julian Körbel. We are looking forward to seeing what he comes up with in the years to come. He will receive a packet with study material from Bergmann Editions list of publications.

We also have decided to add two EDITOR PRIZES, which gives the winners the access to get published by Bergmann. Those prizes goes to:

Asger Bosendal Christensen and Giacomo Silvestri.

The three winners (>14) and the two winners of EDITORS PRICES are all offered an opportunity to publish some of their future compositions by Bergmann Edition. Finally, will all attendants get a digital collection (pdf) of scores produced by Bergmann Edition.

Thank you to Roland Chadwick, Romuald Erenc and Richard Vaughan who has donated money to the competition. All three are composers who publish using Bergmann Edition.

And I also wish to thank Heine Svendsen from Go to Indigo2Indigo2, who has donated the programme EARMASTER which will go to the final winner.

RULES for the 2016 competition
There will be a new set of rules for the 2017 competition

Please notice - the limit of 48 bars per composition is changed to "Composition must fit on two pages letter or A4 size".

Download the rules for the competition:

Below the full text of rules in English: 


Young Guitar Composer ­ 2016

International Competition for young guitarists below 18 who like composing music.

The aim of the competition is to encourage young guitarists to write their own music. Besides, the competition can be used by teachers to form a small project to break the daily routine and hopefully inspire the students to be creative.

All compositions accepted will be rewarded, and there will be an extra bonus prize for the first, second and third place. In 2016, the prizes will be scores published by Bergmann Edition. We are also working on getting other sponsored rewards.

The jury will be a panel of experienced composers associated with Bergmann Edition, who write music for the guitar. The contributors will remain anonymous until the competition end.

All accepted compositions will be produced as pdf files in professional engraving, and a collection including all music contributed will be published.

The scores will also be available for sale as downloadable .pdf files from Bergmann Editions’ web store. All sales profit will be spent on prizes in next year's competition.

Contributions must apply to the following conditions:

  1. The composition must be between 16 and 48 measures (It is possible to get dispensation from this rule).
  2. The genre is “instrumental guitar music” ­ in a broad sense. The compositions must be original, arrangements of existing music will not be accepted
  3. The composition must be written as a traditional score with notes, and it must be written in score writing programmes like MuseScore, GuitarPro, Primus or others. (It is possible to get dispensation from this rule).
  4. Besides the composition, the young composer must send us a video where he/she plays the music. A recording using a smartphone will be sufficient. The video will be published together with the score.
  5. The young composer must not be older than 18 years of age at the time of the application.
  6. We need a photo of the composer, a brief biography and short introduction to the piece (program note).

All text must be in English. All contributions will be evaluated before they are accepted in the competition. We claim the right to reject compositions which do not fit into the concept.

Contributions must be in our e­mail box before the 1st of November 2016. The winners will be published on the Bergmann Edition website the 2nd. of January 2017. All winners will be informed of the result by email.

Contributions can be sent by email: This email address is also used if you have questions or if you want compensation regarding points 1) and 2) above.

To the Student:

Have you ever tried to compose a piece of music of your own which you can play on your guitar? If you can answer “yes” to that question, you now have the opportunity to join an international competition for guitar composers younger than 18.

To join the competition, you must write the piece in ordinary notes using a score writing programme. We need both the score and a video where you play the music.

If this sounds like you, talk to you guitar teacher. He can help you.

Your composition will be published in a book together with all the other attendees music. Your music will also be put on sale from our web shop. All sales will be used for prizes in the next years competition.

There will be prizes to all participants and special prizes to the first, second and third places. Prizes will be scores and guitar gadgets.

Your composition must reach us before the 1st. of November 2016. The winners will be announced the 2nd. of January 2017.


We need the following from you:

  • Your name and full address
  • Your birth date
  • Your composition written in a score writing programme
  • A picture of you and a short biography in English
  • A video where you play the piece ­ you can use a smartphone
  • A short text telling about the music (how you got the idea, how it got its name etc.)

We would like to have your phone number too.

If you go to music school, we would like to know the name of the school and the name of your teacher.

To join the competition, please, send us an email with all information asked for. And remember to attach the score file, the video and a photo of yourself.

Send the email to:

We look forward hearing from you

Allan Bergmann Jensen

Bergmann Edition, Møllebakken 12, 4400 Kalundborg, Denmark, tel.: +45 61204717

About Bergmann Edition

Bergmann Edition is a new international publisher, specialized in producing scores for the classical guitar ­ primarily new contemporary music. It is run by Allan Bergmann Jensen. When he retired early a few years ago, he decided to use his skills producing scores for the classical guitar in sets of different versions. As a former music teacher, author of school books, it consultant, and consultant for blind and visually impaired children, all his competencies comes to play doing this work. For example, among other versions, many of the scores are published in Braille for the blind and as Big Print for the visual demanding.

Now, two years after the start, more than 30 international composers get their compositions published by Bergmann Edition. All continents except Africa are represented. The list of composers continually grow, and so does the interest in our publications. Many guitarists around the world like the ability to order scores in versions that fit their needs. Bergmann Edition is primarily aimed towards publishing those scores other publishers would find it difficult to handle, because established publishers must work within a commercial frame. Allan Bergmann Jensen considers himself as employed by the Danish State. Receiving a comfortable pension payment he can help younger (and older) composers to get their work published and promoted without being bound by commercial considerations.

Hence, it is natural to invest time and energy in supporting the youngest guitarist and hopefully motivate them to be creative. Which is the overall aim of this competition. The easiest way to be informed about Bergmann Editions new publications is following us on Facebook. All new publications (including the students) will be announced there:

Bergmann Editions Facebook page:




Bergmann Edition and the associated composers hope you will encourage and support your young guitar students to join the competition. We are looking forward to receiving their contributions.

All the best wishes,

Allan Bergmann Jensen

Bergmann Edition, Møllebakken 12, 4400 Kalundborg, Denmark, tel.: +45 61204717

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