About Us

Bergmann Edition is a new online music publisher specialized in writing scores for the classical guitar. Our aim is to use new technology to create scores and sheet music in different flavors or versions to suit our customers different needs. Choose your scores in the flavor you like:

  • CLEAN - score without fingering (or as urtext)
  • EDIT - score with fingering
  • TAB - cue-sized fingered score and tablature
  • MAGNA - extra large size score for visually impaired
  • BRAILLE - legacy braille (.brf) for blind guitarists.
  • TABLETS - pdf optimized for tablets including i-pads - optional with a footswitch for page turns.
  • SCREEN - pdf optimized for computer monitors.
  • KINDLE - pdf optimized for Kindle and other small screens.

Not all versions are produced by default, but you can always ask for versions not yet produced. Write a mail to:

Bergmann Edition Store is the store from where we sell our scores and sheet music.

Missing something?

Your favorite score could be the next one we publish - send us a mail and let us know what you would like us to produce next.

Do you want to publish?

Are you composing or arranging music for the guitar? - We can help you to publish and sell your work. Send us a mail and tell us about your project.

You can read more about Bergmann Edition at the publisher website: Bergmann Edition.

Send us a mail with your opinion, suggestions or tell us about your project: