Sanja Plohl, Fugue (Print on Demand)

Sanja Plohl, Fugue (Print on Demand)

About Fugue I wrote this Fugue in July 2005 in Rostock (Germany) where I was studying at the time and premiered it a few months later. Initially, the Fugue had a Postlude attached, but after playing it in concerts, it turned out it worked much better as a one movement piece - besides its short duration. The Fugue has a certain folkloric flair, which comes from using the mellow aeolian mode and irregular meters (5/8, 7/8, etc.). As the main motive moves through different voices some of the sections even become polyrhythmic and create an interesting effect of "where is the first beat of the bar?". I hope that guitarists will enjoy playing the piece as much as I do. 

8 pages. Level 7.

Also available as Self-print (pdf)...

ISMN 979-0-706804-81-1
ISWC: T2102223775
SGAE code 15.846.387

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Sanja Plohl, Fugue (Print on Demand)

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