Ogden-Stoodley Pike (pdf)

Stoodley Pike by Aaron Ogden

Stoodley Pike is a monument overlooking Todmorden, the town Aaron Ogden live in, and he can see the monument from his house. Depending on your position and the weather it can be both a beautiful and brooding monument to behold. The opening and closing section of this piece are representative of its more brooding qualities. The middle section closer to the calm and beautiful side in the warmer months when the skies are blue, represented well by the picture on the cover.  

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Clean, without fingerings (ISMN 979-0-706821-59-7)
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ISMN 979-0-706821-60-3)
Tab, with cue sized ordinary fingered score and tablature (
ISMN 979-0-706821-61-0)
Tablet and iPad version (
ISMN 979-0-706821-62-7)

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Ogden-Stoodley Pike (pdf)

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