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Bergmann Edition provides scores for the classical guitarist in different Categories and Versions. We use the following labeling for our products:


Booklets (Print on Demand)

"Print on Demand" booklets will be produced when we have received your payment. We usually start production less than two workdays after your order is received. When you order booklets printed on demand, shipping costs will apply. We charge a flat rate of U$ 12.00 for handling and shipping independent of weight and location. Size A4 (21x29 cm)

The booklets come in two different bindings: 

1. Folded booklet, stapled in the back, and with a cover in cardboard. This option is used for editions with fewer pages.
2. Booklet bound with an o-wire, and front and back in laminated cardboard. This option is used for the editions with more pages.

Print on demand booklets usually comes in three versions: EDIT, CLEAN, and TAB.

Print on Demand products

Booklets (Self-Print)

Self Print booklets come as downloadable pdf-files prepared for print as booklets. You will be able to download the pdf-files immediately after your order is accepted. You find the files in the download area under "My account" - see link at the top of the page. We recommend O-Wire binding or printing on large format (A3) for a folded and stapled booklet. For the best result, use high-quality paper with a paper weight of 100g or above. Size A4 (21x29 cm)

Self-Print booklet usually comes in three versions: EDIT, CLEAN, and TAB.

Single Sheet Music

We define Single Sheet Music as a single piece of music prepared as pdf-files for immediate download. Usually, there is no cover or front page - just the music. When printed, Sheet music is typically stored in a binder, but some of the versions are prepared to be used on digital devices like tablets, computer monitors, Kindles and other small screen devices like smartphones. Some of the available choices include MAGNA (big print) and Braille for guitarists with special needs. Size: see the size of the different versions below.

Usually, you can get sheet music in all versions listed below - except the Braille version that, unfortunately, can't be produced for all publications.
(If you miss a version of a particular piece - ask for it!)



Scores labelled EDIT are carefully fingered by experienced guitarists. The fingerings are usually written throughout the score in a uniform but a non-redundant system. The system we use for fingering is adjusted to the different levels of the various publications. Size A4 (21x29 cm)
EDIT = sheet music carefully fingered throughout the score.


The label CLEAN is used for scores without fingerings suitable for the guitarists who prefer to add fingerings themselves. Sometimes this label is exchanged with UR-TEXT version, meaning that the edition is a replica of a specific early edition. In this case, fingering is added identical to what is found in the original. Size A4 (21x29 cm)
CLEAN = sheet music without fingerings.


The label TAB is for scores with tablature. It comes with a cue-sized ordinary score with fingerings next to the tablature. Size A4 (21x29 cm)
TAB = tablature + cue sized fingered score.


Scores with the label TABLET are prepared for use on tablets including iPads. The tablet version will usually have repeats written out in full if the original repeat can't be presented on a single page. The idea is to create a "restricted" one-way reading making it possible to use a foot-switch to make page turns. To make the task more simple, only forward turns is needed. There are many apps for both iPad and other tablets that can organize and display sheet music in pdf format. And foot-switches too, are available in many versions and variants from cheap wired 0/1 eBay switches to wireless multi-function devices specially designed for use on stage. Size A5 (14.5x21 cm)
TABLET = scores prepared for tablets like the iPad.


Versions marked KINDLE are prepared for small devices like the Kindle and other e-book readers, and it is the best choice for smartphones too. Repeats are written out in full to avoid going back. Size 12x9 cm.

KINDLE = scores prepared for small devices like e-book readers and smartphones.


The SCREEN label is used for scores prepared for computer monitors and other large screens. Often a whole piece can be tracked on a single page without turning pages. Size 59x37 cm.


Big print for the visually impaired guitarist is labelled MAGNA. Size A4 (21x29 cm)
MAGNA = Big print for visual impaired.


The braille version is for the blind guitarist. The download comes as a zipped file, which includes a legacy braille file for electronic braille devices, and a mp3 file with a computer generated version of the piece.

BRAILLE = scores prepared for the blind.